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Need some quick and easy cash, working from home?

Many of our readers ask us, “Cheapskate-Guy, what can I do that is quick and easy and will make me some substantial cash from home while working on the Internet?” The answer is, there really isn’t anything “quick and easy”. There is no free-lunch, and everything worthwhile takes work. However, we have located many mentors … Continue reading

Tremendous interest in E-Publishing and writing on the web!

Wow! What a wonderful surprise. The Cheapskate-team was pleasantly amazed that yesterday’s post about “writing and publishing on the Internet” has gathered an amazing amount of interest. Yes, It’s true. You can publish on the Internet and make a lot of money. But you MUST do it correctly, and we have mentors to help you. You … Continue reading

Do you have the Gift-of-Gab?

Do you like to talk and write? Have you ever considered writing your own blog, or better yet, The Great American Novel? Is there a Pulitzer Prize hidden inside you someplace?!! The Cheapskate-Guy has found another legitimate  place where you can write blog entries, short stories, and even novels and books for OTHER PEOPLE. The cool … Continue reading

Is GROUPON great?!

Oh yes it is!! Many Cheapskates has saved a bundle of cash by using Groupon Coupons, the Cheapskate-Guy included. But what if I told you that I have discovered a fully legit loophole that allows you to actually MAKE MONEY using the Groupon System??! Yes, it’s true. Not only can you be a true Cheapskate … Continue reading

Cheapskates have SECOND (or third) JOBS!

Yes, it’s true! On your path to being truly cheap and therefore financially independent, you may have to take a second job. But don’t worry. Pick something fun that you love to do! You’re probably saying “Cheapskate-guy, what ARE you talking about? Nobody actually LIKES to work!” Au contraire mon fraire. True Cheapskates enjoy working, … Continue reading

First step: NO DEBT…the most important step you’ll ever take.

I’m the Cheapskate-guy, and I’m here to help you to a position where you are “loving life” and laughing about it! In this blog, I’ll be leading you through some steps to assure your success. Step #1: You MUST get out of debt. That means totally debt free. When you owe somebody money, you are … Continue reading

Welcome to Cheapskate.com

SPEND SMART! SAVE SMART! This is the motto of Cheapskate.com If you dropped in for a look, you’ll notice that the site is currently a “work in progress”. Our goal is to post dozens of money saving tips to help our readers become financially independent. We’ll be writing about debt reduction, buying at steep discounts, … Continue reading